Robotic control library for Universal Robots on ROS1

Collection of utilities for easily controlling Universal Robots either on the Gazebo simulator or the real robots.

Simultion environment for Universal Robot arms, used for research project to learn contact-rich manipulation tasks. The default set up uses UR3e but it can be adapted to any Universal Robot arm.

See public repositories here:

UR3 + Robotiq 85 gripper

UR3e + Robotiq Hand-e gripper

Training session with domain randomization

Retraining. Learning directly on real hardware



  1. iros2020.png
    Learning Force Control for Contact-rich Manipulation Tasks with Rigid Position-controlled Robots
    Cristian Camilo Beltran-Hernandez, Damien Petit , Ixchel Georgina Ramirez-Alpizar , Takayuki Nishi , Shinichi Kikuchi , and 2 more authors
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2020
  2. mdpi2020.png
    Variable compliance control for robotic peg-in-hole assembly: A deep-reinforcement-learning approach
    Cristian C Beltran-Hernandez, Damien Petit , Ixchel G Ramirez-Alpizar, and Kensuke Harada
    Applied Sciences, 2020