WRS2020 World Robot Summit

We developed a dual arm system to tackle assembly task in a flexible manner with the additional goal of being afforable, cheap vision system hardware and cheap tools. Our 2-minute team intro video showcasing our approach is here

I participated as a Ph.D student at Osaka University and as an intern at OMRON Sinicx. I developed the compliance controller that allowed the robots to perform smooth insertions with tight tolerances.

Additionally, I helped developed a simultaneous motions controller on the MoveIt platform (Our implementation has been submitted see here), which allow us to have each robot plan and execute collision-free trajectories simultanously and independently without needing to manually coordinate the motion of both robots.

Furthermore, I was heavily involved in the development of the high level planner that allow us to solve assembly task based on the CAD model information of the product and its parts.

For more information, see our exhibition demo here

Cristian Camilo Beltran-Hernandez
Cristian Camilo Beltran-Hernandez
PhD Student Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

My research interests include reinforcement learning, robot manipulation and software development.